Lowest Printing Cost on the Island

Our low cost is second to our excellent quality, we take pride in providing high calibre materials at all times. 

Once you have received your customized design its time to print. With strategic distribution, your print material can be a determining factor to the success of your business or event. Don’t settle for poorly made items that will eventually have to be replaced costing you additional money. Get the quality you need at unbeatable prices for prints that stand the test of time.

Our custom printing section thrives in sourcing any required material and size requested by our clients. Make the best first impression possible by leaving your customer with something tangible to remember you by.


Business Card$105$200$475
Information Card (4×6)$125$250$725
Information Card (5×7)$145$290$850
Door Hangars$275$500$800

Banners 2×3$350$575$1,050
Banners 3×5$400$650$1,200